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Jmeter integration with DataStax Enterprise

We are using Spring Cloud DataStax Enterprise (based on Cassandra 2.1.5) as database for Jmeter.
As far as I am concerned, JDBC driver should be used.
But I am not sure, if it is the best option.
I am using following configuration
Database Name:mydb
Host Name:
Database URL:jdbc:cassandra://

And following JDBC Driver:

Jmeter version: 2.18.1
I am not using any DBA who owns a cluster of cassandra nodes.
I am doing all of it manually.
I am not using any special application that can be integrated using DSE.
Can anyone please help me on this?
The reason why I am asking this question is, I want to know whether my JDBC connection setup is right or not. If it is not what are my options?


The JDBC driver in Jmeter is the same as the driver used in standalone applications. It is up to you to connect to a cluster and validate that access to the cluster is secure using any of the existing methods.
My advise is to use cqlsh from the JDBC driver and run the select statements to confirm that your connection is established to the cluster. If you have secure access, you can confirm that the keyspace you want to connect to has been created.