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And I get a message with the title of the following picture:

I’ve tried different methods, like replacing the dash and the numbers with, for example, a letter. But it didn’t work.


You can open the file by doing:

Windows+I (the search bar)
search for editor
open with -> Notepad
press enter or open the file.


RegEx to replace string with value

My string is as below
String s = ” 03:37:00AM T3D 4/22/2012 1156749 156749″;

I want the output string as below
String s = ” 03:37:00AM T3D 4/22/2012 11*12345 15*12345″;

Please help me to find the regex to replace the text and insert the *12345 as per the output.
I am able to replace using some functions but unable to manipulate the string.


Try this one :
String s = ” 03:37:00AM T3D 4/22/2012 1156749 156749″;
s = s.replaceAll(“([0-9])”, “$1*12345”);

The regex ([0-9]) will match the text between and and use capture group #1 to store the number.
ReplaceAll method of String will check for the regular expression, if found replace the match string with the replaced string.

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