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Autodesk AutoCAD 24.1 Civil 3D Full Version With Serial Key Free PC/Windows [Latest-2022]

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AutoCAD 24.1 Crack + Keygen [Updated]

How do I use AutoCAD Cracked Accounts?

You’ll start by learning to use AutoCAD Crack Free Download’s basic commands and applications. The best way to do this is to take some introductory courses, like a paperless cover sheet series.

This set of courses is designed to get you started using AutoCAD Product Key right out of the box and ready to start creating your own drawings.

Note: The following courses are designed to give you a firm understanding of AutoCAD’s features, functions, and conventions. They won’t teach you everything you need to know to create professional-quality drawings. In order to learn to draw professional-quality drawings, we recommend AutoCAD University or courses from a school accredited by the National Association of Schools of Design or the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Your first AutoCAD lesson

Your first AutoCAD lesson

The first lesson is called Drawing Fundamentals. You’ll start by learning how to draw basic geometric shapes, and then you’ll learn how to set up your drawing. You’ll start your drawing by selecting a template or pre-existing drawing that you can modify.

Your first drawing

Your first drawing

Once you start drawing, you’ll need to enter information on the drawing’s title block. Entering the title block and starting the drawing gives you an opportunity to name the drawing, format the drawing, select a layer, and perform other drawing-related tasks.

You can change any of these drawing-related settings by selecting a command in the Drawing and Modifying dialog box and clicking a button that represents the setting you want to change.

Your first drawing’s title block.

Your first drawing’s title block

Your first drawing’s drawing canvas.

Your first drawing’s drawing canvas

A drawing’s background color is set on the Background Color tab in the Drawing and Modifying dialog box. Selecting the color is the fastest way to set the background color. You can also set the background color by typing a value in the appropriate box in the Color dialog box.

A selection of the drawing’s document windows.

A selection of the drawing’s document windows

A screen shot of the drawing’s title block.

A screen shot of the drawing’s title block

A screen shot of the Drawing and Modifying dialog box.

A screen shot of the Drawing and Modifying dialog box

A screen shot of the drawing’s drawing canvas

AutoCAD 24.1 Activator Download


In 1999, the BIM Authoring Tools were added to Revit, and by the end of the year, the first user-written modules were created. Today Revit contains a rich set of tools and components, and is widely used in the construction industry for building information modeling (BIM). Revit users can share BIM models with other Revit users through the cloud, and can integrate those models with other Revit users’ files in a cloud-based workflow.

In 2008, Autodesk invested $500 million to acquire the company Inventor, including Autodesk’s “R” platform. At the time of the purchase, Inventor had 55,000 subscribers worldwide.

In 2010, the BIM Alliance was formed to enable interoperability of 3D models between Revit and other Autodesk products. Autodesk also added new features to Revit, including architectural representations, 2D surfaces, and advanced 3D rendering.

In 2014, Autodesk launched the Revit community, a collection of content, forums and user groups.

Currently the team behind the Revit product is headed by Fernando Rodriguez, who became the CEO of Autodesk at the end of 2019. Fernando and his team work closely with users and developers to help solve users’ problems and improve the product.

3ds Max

3ds Max is a professional 3D modeling application developed by Autodesk. It supports creating geometry, solids, curves, surfaces, and texturing tools. It can be used in a 2D modeling environment but is a fully functional 3D modeling application. Max provides many features for 3D modeling such as direct view display, mesh modeling, 3D printing, rigging, advanced rendering, and animation. It supports its own native format, 3ds Max Model, and its export function creates 3dsmax format for AutoCAD Crack For Windows and other software products.


The first commercial release of 3ds Max was in 1993, when Autodesk bought Cubix Software.

In 2001, Autodesk acquired Rendition. In 2003, Autodesk acquired 3D Studio Max (Version 2) and 3D Warehouse.

In 2004, Autodesk acquired Maxon.

In 2005, Autodesk acquired Maya.

In 2006, Autodesk acquired ACIS and Instances.

In 2007, Autodesk acquired XNAD3.


AutoCAD 24.1

How to use the registration key
Activation > Registration > Log on > Passcode

Utility bills up nearly 9 percent in New Hampshire


Jun 14, 2012 at 12:01 AMJun 14, 2012 at 4:02 PM

New Hampshire residents paid more for electricity in 2011 than they did in 2010, according to a study by New Hampshire-based EnerNOC, a provider of energy efficiency and distributed generation solutions. Utilities in the state reported an increase of nearly 9 percent in electricity bills last year.

By Joanne GorvettDaily News Staff

New Hampshire residents paid more for electricity in 2011 than they did in 2010, according to a study by New Hampshire-based EnerNOC, a provider of energy efficiency and distributed generation solutions. Utilities in the state reported an increase of nearly 9 percent in electricity bills last year.

The study found a 2.6 percent increase in total electricity consumption and a 7.6 percent increase in retail prices in 2011.

The research was based on average data for each utility in the state. Though the cost of electricity in Massachusetts also increased last year, New Hampshire’s rates remained much higher than the national average, EnerNOC’s Executive Vice President of Energy Efficiency Joseph Ferguson said.

Ferguson said that the increase was not a reflection on the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard, which has helped reduce carbon emissions.

“We’re continuing to see a positive impact on the climate,” he said. “We’re seeing a very positive impact on the industry.”

EnerNOC’s analysis compared 2011 with 2010 levels and identified electricity consumption increases for the eight major utilities in the state. While the increase may seem slight, the countrywide rise in gas prices that year more than offset the steady rise in electricity bills.

Hydro-Electric company NH Electric Cooperative was the only utility in the state that reported a decrease in 2011 electricity consumption. While the company’s use of renewables decreased slightly, it did not reflect the planned reductions in electricity demand, according to the company’s spokesperson, Paul C. Green.

“The decrease in use in 2011 was largely driven by a decrease in the hydropower system, which was down by an average of about 2,000 kWh (kilowatt-hours),” he said. “Hydropower is usually the lowest cost energy.”

Green said that demand for electricity across the state

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Drawings that link together auto-generate 2-D annotations, such as fill boxes, and you can link these annotations to other 2-D or 3-D objects in the drawing. (video: 11:30 min.)

Use the Markup Assist screen to make simple edits to 2-D objects. Save these changes and continue working. The Markup Assist icon toggles between Markup and D-A-C (drawing annotations and guides).

You can edit and format text in your drawing, including the case of text. You can also work with multiline text. (video: 8:55 min.)

Snap and extend the extents of layers, including items and labels. You can snap on edges, as well as text, objects, and annotations. (video: 3:35 min.)

View and edit annotation objects and your undo history in the annotation bar. (video: 4:50 min.)

Use the Page Layout button to print designs on a printer with more ease. When the Page Layout button is selected, an additional control panel appears on the drawing canvas.

Drafts, annotations, scale, and graticules:

With new Drafts options, you can leave comments in your drawings and turn your drawings into online comments. And Drafts also offers additional toolbars that help you do specific tasks in your drawing.

Scale the drawing by dragging and dropping the 1:1 version of the drawing on the drawing canvas or on the scale tool.

Adjust the grid, automatically or manually, by drawing the grid lines. Grid lines appear automatically as you zoom into the drawing.

Use the scale slider to move or change the size of individual objects. You can also apply the scale to an object.

Drag and drop groups of objects on the drawing canvas or scale tools. Click once to scale, and hold the left mouse button to move an object.

You can create a reference scale for the drawing by using the GRID command. The reference scale appears at the top of the drawing canvas. You can move and resize the reference scale.

Use the annotations to place marks on objects in your drawing.

Create and use grids to help you design and print your drawings accurately. Grids automatically appear when you zoom into your drawings.

Use the drawing workspace to toggle between the Grids tab and the Drawing workspace tab.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 (64-bit)
NVIDIA SLI-capable video card or ATI Crossfire-capable video card
8 GB system RAM
2 GB system RAM
2 GHz Intel or AMD dual-core processor
1024 x 768 display resolution
DirectX 11-compatible video card driver (Minimum recommended, DirectX 11 may be required for some features)
Internet access and webcam to take pictures or record video
Additional DVD-RW drive or CD-ROM drive to