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AutoCAD 23.1 [Mac/Win]

AutoCAD is used for a variety of purposes. Generally, AutoCAD is used to create 2D blueprints, such as architectural blueprints, mechanical drawings, electrical blueprints, and sheet metal drawings. AutoCAD is used for product development, including 3D CAD for product design. AutoCAD is also used for document design (e.g., books, magazines, posters), documentation, engineering and manufacturing (e.g., machining) and product maintenance and repair (e.g., inspections, repairs, modifications).

AutoCAD has been consistently ranked among the top five CAD software programs by reviews conducted by industry publications and government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). In 2015, AutoCAD received the “Outstanding Technical Achievement” award from the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). AutoCAD was also awarded the “Educational Product of the Year” award by the Association of American Publishers (AAP).

AutoCAD can be used for the following types of work:

Architectural & engineering

Blueprints & drawings

Project documentation

Planning & scheduling

Scale modeling

Structural engineering

Equipment modeling

AutoCAD terminology

“AutoCAD” refers to AutoCAD along with any other AutoCAD-related software products and AutoCAD-related services, such as those provided by Autodesk and its subsidiaries.


In the following table, “Printers/Plotters” refers to software that performs these functions.


“Autodesk Vault” refers to the following:

The Vault, a digital vault, cloud service, and backup system available at

The Vault for AutoCAD.

Autodesk’s free and paid cloud services, including The Vault.

Bulk Data Exchange and Collaboration (BXCO), a cloud-based collaboration service for project sharing and coordination.

In the following table, “Online” refers to the following:

Online services provided by Autodesk and its subsidiaries, including

In the following table, “Online CAD” refers to CAD applications, such as AutoCAD, that are fully online.


“Tablet” refers to any portable

AutoCAD 23.1 Crack Full Version For PC (Latest)

Model elements include planes, beams, panels, profiles, references, block symbols, text, dimensions and others.

AutoCAD Cracked Accounts Architecture
AutoCAD Architecture, which is included with AutoCAD R14 and later, is a suite of related tools and utilities. AutoCAD Architecture contains CAD tools for creating and editing architectural drawings. AutoCAD Architecture is part of the Autodesk Architecture & Design family of products.

AutoCAD Architecture is available as a subscription offering or as a standalone one-time purchase.

AutoCAD Architecture works in two modes, Design and Draft. The Design mode is used for creating new drawings. Draft mode is used for editing existing drawings. AutoCAD Architecture is distinguished from AutoCAD by the use of a series of colored symbols in place of the individual model elements such as “horizontal” or “right angle” (RA), “double horizontal” or “double right angle” (DR) and the like.

AutoCAD Architecture contains two types of utilities, Architectural and Draft. The Architectural utility allows the drafting engineer to create, view, analyze and manage drawings. The Draft utility allows a user to create a number of drafting objects and features.

Architectural objects are placed on architectural views, using paper space and AutoCAD Units. Architectural views have elements that represent the various scales of a project, e.g. 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6, 1:8, 1:12, 1:15 and 1:20. The Architectural utility also allows the drafting engineer to create drawings, e.g. doors, windows and finishes, by editing a number of predefined objects.

Drafting objects and features are placed in a variety of views, including horizontal, vertical, cross, planes, sections, elevation and plan views. Drafting elements include dimensions, text, sketches, annotations, cross sections, scales, datums and views. The Draft utility also allows the drafting engineer to create views, e.g. elevation and section views by editing a number of predefined objects.

Drafting objects are placed on draft views, using paper space and AutoCAD Units. Draft views have elements that represent the various scales of a project, e.g. 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6, 1:8, 1:12

AutoCAD 23.1 Incl Product Key [Latest] 2022

Double click autocad.exe

Select option 3 > Select a PC.

Type the name of your computer you wish to use and select OK.

Click on Yes to the next dialog.

Click on OK to the Main Menu.

Double click on the icon for the version you wish to use and select OK.

Double click the icon for the Serial Key you wish to use.

Select Install then press OK.

When the serial key is activated, return to the Main Menu.

Select Close.

If you require a copy of the Serial Key, please go to Autodesk’s website and download the file.

Sending a print file
You can also choose to e-mail your print file to the following address:

is the e-mail address of the eScan Service.


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What’s New in the?

More effective use of workspace in large, complicated drawings. Your design tools are automatically optimized and your design size is automatically determined to preserve your working area. (video: 1:20 min.)

New Layer assignment method. You no longer need to assign multiple layer names to a single layer, or use special commands to make layers permanent. Layer names can now be assigned using selection or stroke commands. (video: 2:06 min.)

New drawing toolbar:

[Repeat] – faster insertion of multiple copies

[Jump] – jump to a precise location

[Select] – single-click to select an object

[Zoom] – single-click to zoom

[Double-click] – double-click to add annotation and navigate

[Expand] – find object by typing in search field

New ribbon customization:

[File] – Find or replace quickly

[Edit] – Quickly edit selected object

[Macro] – use shortcuts

[Drawing Manager] – view previous or next drawing in your drawing queue

New Extension Manager:

[Assign to Ribbon] – find useful buttons for your tasks

[Find] – locate a new type of feature

[New Tool] – create a new kind of tool

[New] – add new features

[Change] – customize a new feature

New Enhancement:

Polar area modeling for two-dimensional spline contours


Clear menu options

Direct file path type for importing drawings

Drawing area Zoom

Exporting as PDF

New command for defining a shape

Performance Improvements:

Improved performance

Editor Improvements:

Show/hide layers

Fully qualified paths

Highlighting text

Improved color contrast

Polylines now retain a 2D curved effect for improved visualization

Customizable rulers

[I] New snapping type: Static

[II] Snap to path: Path, face, edge, point

[III] Snap position: Off, Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Offset, Relative

[IV] Snap angle: Off, Top, Bottom, Left, Right

[V] Snap distance: Off, Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Multiplier

[VI] Snap shape: Off, Path, Face, Edge

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Graphics Card
Windows 7/8
HD (2000 x 1080)
Intel® Core™ i3-2350M 2.60GHz or AMD A10-7300M 2.7GHz or better
Intel® Core™ i5-2500K 3.30GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.20GHz
Intel® Z77, Intel® Z68,