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In October 2013, Autodesk released AutoCAD LT, a low-cost version of AutoCAD that is designed to run on mobile devices, laptops, and tablets. In June 2017, Autodesk released AutoCAD Civil 3D, which is used for architectural, structural, and infrastructure design.

In a computerized design and drafting environment, the user performs a series of actions that are driven by computer commands. The user enters coordinates for points, lines, and surfaces in a drawing using a mouse. The software then automatically calculates and draws those points, lines, and surfaces. By default, AutoCAD displays the drawing window in landscape orientation, but the user can change the orientation. The user can also rotate, zoom, pan, and move the drawing window to any location on the computer screen.

Key Features of AutoCAD


AutoCAD saves a drawing every time it is closed or opened. When it saves, the user has the option of keeping the current drawing (using the Save As option), or creating a new drawing (using the Save option).


To create a new drawing, the user selects the Create Drawing option, which automatically opens the Select a New Drawing dialog box. The user can select a template to be used for the new drawing. The user can also manually create a new drawing by clicking the New Drawing button.


The user can modify a drawing in any way that he or she wants. A drawing can be re-created from scratch, an existing drawing can be edited (such as changing a drawing line width), or a new drawing can be created from existing drawing elements.

Interactive Dimensioning:

AutoCAD provides many functions that are useful for dimensioning a drawing. For example, the user can edit the X and Y coordinates of dimension lines, change the direction of a dimension line, and create a view that can be snapped to any point in the drawing.

3D View:

A drawing window can be used as a 3D view. The user can then change the perspective and the viewing point of the drawing window to see a perspective-corrected view of the drawing.

Assigning colors and linetypes to objects:

A drawing window can be created with the color of the linetypes, and the colors of other objects that are assigned to the drawing.



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ABIA (Automatic Building Information Analysis) – ABIA is an architecture management system used for design optimization. It was discontinued after version 2011.

API (Application Programming Interface) – The library functions that are available for use by third-party applications. The interface is in the form of LISP functions, which conform to the AutoCAD programming language (AutoLISP).

AutoCAD features

AutoCAD has numerous features; these can be categorized into two classes: native, which are used with native AutoCAD commands, and extended, which are used with standard commands.

Graphical user interface (GUI) – All commands are accessed through a window that contains icons, cursors, and other graphical elements that correspond to the standard windows that are available on the Windows platform.

Native features

The features that are used for native AutoCAD commands are grouped into three categories.

Numeric features – These are used to control the operation of the drawing, editing, and other numeric components of the program.

Specialized features – The specialized features are provided as built-in and custom libraries. These features include a wide range of intelligent tools that perform tasks such as recognition, digitizing, and editing.
Design features – The design features are used for the creation of objects, including 3D, 2D, and vector drawings, and the creation of more detailed and complex objects.

Extended features

Some of the commands, or features, are extended so that they can be used with standard Windows applications. Some of these features were formerly part of AutoLISP.

File management features – These include functionality related to file management.
2D drafting – This includes features such as line tracing, 2D drafting tools, and drafting guides.
Layout, annotation, and prototyping – This includes features such as annotation, master and detail symbols, and 3D building modeling.
Visualization features – These include features such as geospatial analysis, animation, and rendering.

Customization features

AutoCAD can be configured in several ways.
User-defined command bars – Command bars provide the user with a set of tools in a single location.
Custom toolbar – The user can use the command bar tool of their choice.
Custom menu and toolbars – A menu is a series of options or commands that are displayed on the application, and the toolbar is a

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Using the command line

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What’s New In?

Graphics applications have been the first and the most popular medium for creators to share ideas and gather feedback for decades. And for the past 20 years, we’ve been working hard to bring this time-honored methodology into the Digital Age.

You’re no longer constrained by paper, or even PDF: You can import feedback and edits to your CAD drawings from anywhere.

Now, all you need to do is get your ideas onto paper, PDF, or any other media.

And AutoCAD makes it easy to do so, with a sophisticated workflow that makes your feedback as rich as you want it to be.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Read the PDF file at a glance. The new Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the only PDF viewer and creation tool that lets you read, annotate, and comment on your PDF.

PDF export lets you share your design ideas directly from AutoCAD to your favorite PDF editor, and vice versa, and support for creating PDFs from a host of new file types, including VDA files and 3D models, adds new flexibility to the designer workflow.

Now you can share an annotated drawing directly from AutoCAD to your favorite PDF editor, and vice versa.

For details, see the new PDF annotation features in AutoCAD 2023.

Page Layout:

Add gridlines and guides, give the background a color and transparency, and even set an image to your drawing background—then save it as a template to import into other drawings.

CAD Pages:

Create pages in your drawings with one click. It’s as easy as selecting the page location on your screen and double-clicking, which then brings up the page creation dialog box.

Now, you can create pages in your drawings with a single click.

And to simplify your work, we’ve added a new AutoCAD Pages dialog box. It’s the one place in AutoCAD where you can configure the appearance of your pages—including gridlines, a background image, and the color and transparency of that background.

Of course, this is still just the beginning. We’re committed to making CAD Pages even better, and to making the process of adding pages as simple and straightforward as possible.

And, to make your pages a little more live, we’re introducing a brand new method of page creation. In the

System Requirements:

* 2GB of RAM (minimum)
* Intel Dual Core or equivalent processor
* Windows 7, 8, or 10
* Recommended: 512MB of available VRAM
Please note that certain VRAM configurations may yield unpredictable results.
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