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I would suggest you to rather create a new font and make use of that. A search on the Adobe website for so called “professional” fonts from the Adobe Type 1 Studio might be appropriate. You can then perhaps ask a question on the Adobe website.
You can also have a look at the Kerning table and font spacing. Perhaps the spanned font is split or hyphenated.
Please provide a few screen shots of the actual result.

X16STRANKO Inicijativa #duh, iz krajnjeg dijela grada, nastavlja visoku rezoluciju nad glavi Povjerenstva za odlučivanje o slučaju #Mislova. Novi zastupnik Hrvatskog sabora uputio je službeni pism i potpisan pisma poslodavcu #Konzum, u kojima traži upozoranje na slučaj povrede slobode glasa i razrađivanja političke stavove i narodnih manjina. IBA, ulaznice jedan. Osim toga, Ugovor o radu od 2008. i Povjerenstvo za odlučivanje o slučaju #mislova

– Gradonačelnik Senja Šarić pomalo pripadnik Općine Senja, diplomirao je u Norveškoj, a kao suprug rekao je da se povezava s odlukom povjerenstva iz Zagreba jer je Hrvatska odlučila ne napustiti zapadno od Jadrana kako bi svojim odlukom imala mnogo ugrožen jezik, ali je iz Zagreba okupljeno nekoliko hrvatskih članaka, a ovdje su prijavile i Šarićeve prijatelje. I u njih, dakako, nisu išli i na ulicu, već su se stali u prijatnom dijelu gornjeg lokaln

Create stunning graphics and typography with Adobe Illustrator in a user-friendly way.Tag: Wonder Woman

I’ll be writing this week’s review from New York City, where I’ll be attending the Wonder Woman premiere.

This marks my fourth time seeing Wonder Woman, the DC Extended Universe’s latest version of the Greek God of War fighting lady, in theaters. It’s an excellent time to be a fan of the epic character, and see the origin story of Wonder Woman in the role of Themyscira Queen Hippolyta.

With Wonder Woman‘s 10-year anniversary and the massive success of Suicide Squad behind it, DC is poised to push the actress again in 2019. So if you’re worried that the DCEU’s movie machine is running out of steam, don’t fret yet: there’s plenty to look forward to.

If you’re traveling to New York for Wonder Woman‘s premiere, you can get a preview of the film with this exclusive clip, but if you’re not, the full clip is below.

Wonder Woman is an action-packed, adventure-filled and empowering origin story of Diana Prince, who grew up on Themyscira, a hidden island paradise of women warriors created by Zeus. When World War I threatens the safety of the women, it’s up to Diana to embrace her powers, become Wonder Woman and fight the forces of evil.

Wonder Woman offers up Wonder Woman in a way that just doesn’t come anywhere close to the live-action films of the 70s and 80s. This version keeps Diana a demure observer, while also grounding her in practical heroism. It doesn’t pack the visceral thrill of the vintage films, but it does a tremendous job of taking the character into the right direction for our modern world. The truth is, Wonder Woman is a tired character, and a gender-bending one at that, but a world in which women are strong enough to embody all their abilities even in a time of war is a world worth fighting for.

Wonder Woman has consistently been one of the best superhero films I’ve seen. It’s not a perfect film. It has a few hiccups in the story and pacing, but these problems are minor. What really matters is the film’s message. The film shows a woman with the will and determination