Hot News (K7 News) is founded on a vision, which seeks to be the most creative media organisation of the world. It is the India’s leading global 24-hours news network with it’s headquarter in Brajrajnagar, Odisha, India. Offering comprehensive news coverage, business, lifestyle and feature programming and documentaries to the world wide News network, which include News channel, print media and online web casts. established in the year of 2004 as hindi weekly news paper namely “koshalmati” vide RNI No. ORIHIN/2004/17349 edited, owned and published by late dr. Sitaram Runguta of Odisha.

On the day of August 2016 the koshalmati news paper transferred by entire rights of ownership including liabilities to Mr. SATYENDRA KUMAR MISHRA of Odisha.

On the month of August 2016 the koshalmati hindi weekly news paper was registered under ANMA digital & e-paper registration rules as web news portal vide registration no. ANMA/OD13101612EKM.

On 16th August of 2017 kaushalmati  web news portal registered under government of India, ministry of micro, small & medium enterprises vide UAN no. OD14D0000458 as web portal NIC code no. 63, 6312 and 63122.

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